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The See Greece Team, participated in the second Airbnb conference which was held in Paris this year. Due to the catastrophic events, the conference was never completed so we were not able to present our company in front of a world audience.

Airbnb Conference, Paris 2015

But the first 2 days of the seminar were extremely successful and beyond our expectations. We were not aware that we had been chosen as a successful case study of professional hosting. We are extremely proud, for our company and our country, as the second day of the seminar was ended by presenting the excellent personalized experience we offer to our guests. Due to this event, the demand for networking with tour agents and new deals was overwhelming.

5.000 Participants from 110 countries attended a flawlessly organized conference!
Entrance of Parc de la Vilette
Interview for a web channel, from Heidi, New York, one of our first partners since 2010
All 46 seminars, 100 sessions and workshops were fully booked
Dining with directors and employess from San Francisco, Dublin & Berlin offices. We explained the problems which we are facing in Greece nowadays.

We established a plan of particular actions based on a timetable for the year of 2016, in order to obtain both technical and legal support

We joined the local community and we exchanged ideas on fine hosting and dining

Epilogue… (some final thoughts)

Friday 13/11/2015 21h36 Our accommodation was in the 11th district, only 100 meters away from the first shooting incident. While we were coming out of the metro, we were ear / eye witness of the first shootings. As we were staying next to a hospital we lived this tragic night intensely.

The owner of this bistro had invited us quite a few times to enjoy his beer and we had made a promise to do it on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, He was one of the first victims….

Education, having a job(employment) and traveling around the world, brings better understanding among people and peace as well.

The following morning (Saturday) we woke up in a shocked Paris. But Parisians started filling the streets after midday refusing to loose their way of life. We hope that the Parisians will find peace very soon.

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