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November 2016.

The See Greece team, once again met business partners, hosts and guests from all over the world at Airbnb  Open conference in Los Angeles.

This year the conference was not interrupted by unpredicted events like the terrorist attacks that took place last year in Paris.

There were 5 property managers  and 11 hosts from Greece this year, and Airbnb employee from Berlin office, Mr. Protopapas has arranged a relaxed meeting. We exchanged ideas and stories had the chance to meet old friends from other countries as well.

See Greece took advantage of a new tool that Airbnb offered to participants and created Brain dates with various customers from all over the world , who are looking to expand business in Greece or just visit it. We are happy to announce that new deals have been made.

A great idea was the AO Watch. A device like watch that all participants were wearing and if they wanted to exchange their contact details , they were just putting a button on each ones watch…and that’s it! Contact details were sent to your email… no need for printed cards!

We already miss the vibe of the Broadway street in Down town LA, where most of the events took place, the open heart people that were looking for new business opportunities or just to exchange ideas for their next vacation and the glamorous Velo ceremony with people from all over the world, celebrities and actors like Gwyneth Paltrow or Aston Kutcher and the closing concert with famous singers like Lady Gaga… and still we had energy for an after party!

We need to thank once again Michael and Debbie Campbell. You should have a look at their blog.

This year, not only they managed to publish their book, describing experiences from traveling around the world (over 56 countries and 125 cities), but Airbnb offered it for free to all the participants. In the book they have dedicated a couple of pages to describe their experience with See Greece team. They stayed in two of our properties in Athens and Naxos but what made memorable their stay was the personalized experience they asked to had from us.

Airbnb offered them a theatre for 1 hour to present their experience. When Michael was asked to choose the best experience he had, during this 3 years tour around the world, made us proud again . He has chosen the personalized Sports experience that See Greece team offered to him and his wife , with dinner and attending The Soccer game for the World Cup qualifying game , between Greece and Romania!

Thank you again Michael and Debbie for dedicating some pages in your book for us, Greece and your experience.

Hope to meet you once again , somewhere around the world!

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