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Every year in Berlin the International Tourism Exhibition is taking place. See Greece was there in order to catch the fever of a market that keeps changing.


We took this chance and meet again with employees , or should we better say friends that work, at the Airbnb’s Berlin office.

It was a good chance to catch up and get updates on new products and technologies



The exhibition itself was again a success. Countries were trying to tease and inspire visitors with clever slogans or nice booths.

Countries that have heavily affected from terrorist attacks like, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia e.t.c. have put a great effort to attract guests.

One thing that we think is negative for the image of ITB, is that many many strictly B2B companies are closing their booths during the last two 2 days of  the exhibition.

We do realise that probably the majority of their customers are not visiting ITB during the weekend , but a view of dozens of closed booths is not a nice view to any visitor and it is quite unpolite to the other exhibitors .

Many stands were offering to the exhibitors and visitors the chance of relaxing , as the ITB is huge and especially for exhibitors a short break is priceless

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