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Athens and Greece is an extremely safe country. It is also quite cheap compared to any other major European capital.

If you want to tour  Athens in your own style , just consult the DO IT YOUR SELF section that exists in most of the tour suggestions that you will find in this site.

  1. Enjoy an Athenian beach , only 20 minutes away from the centre.
  2. A live concert at Herodion theatre under Acropolis hill. http://greekfestival.gr/gr/home
  3. An open air cinema (always in original language with Greek subtitles ) . www.cine-thisio.gr
  4. Have a relaxed walk and dine with a beautiful sunset at Marina Flisvos
  5. Visit one of the best European planetarium www.eugenfound.edu.gr
  6. A virtual reality trip at an ancient city at Hellenic cosmos www.tholos254.gr/en

Get inspired by checking seegreece.gr or the section of links and start looking for various activities with the help of internet. Don’t hesitate to ask us for hidden secrets!

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