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View of the sunset in Athens, from Lycabettus

WHO: Everyone, photography lovers
WHY: Great panoramic view of Athens
IDEAL VISITING TIME: Sunset/night time
WALKING PACE: Medium , you have to walk up stairs for 5 minutes

DISTANCE: Lycabettus hill is in the center of Athens
DURATION: 60-90 minutes
ENTRANCE FEE: 0€ per person
TOUR PRICE (from): 14€ per car

See Athens from above, free of charge

New York has the Empire State Building and Paris has the Eiffel Tower, where you can enjoy a view above the city. Well, Athens has Lycabettus with 3 major differences. It is natural, it stands higher and it is free of charge! At 277 meters (908 feet) above sea level, the hill is the highest point in the city that surround it and offers a great panoramic view, especially during the night.

At the top of Lycabettus hill, there are the Chapel of St. George from the 19th century, a large open-air theatre, which has housed many Greek and International concerts, a cafe and a restaurant. If you like we can wait for you, for 30-40 minutes, to finish your walk around and bring you back at no extra charge.

Photo gallery

View of Athens from Lycabettus
View from lycabettus - St. George
View of the sunset in Athens, from Lycabettus
A group walks on Lycabettus hill
Lycabettus teleferic

Do it yourself

The hill can also be reached by taxi  or by bus and then ascended by the Lycabettus Funicular railway which climbs the hill from a lower terminus at Kolonaki. The railway station can be found at Aristippou Street.

Lycabettus teleferic
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