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The sacred place of Ancient Hellas

WHO: Everyone, history lovers
WHY: The most important centre of Ancient Greece
WALKING PACE: medium (it is mountain)

DISTANCE: 400 km both ways
DURATION: 8 hours - Daily excursion
ENTRANCE FEE: 8€ per person
TOUR PRICE (from): 155€ per car

Price includes rental car with driver and waiting time .You do not share the car with others in case your group is less than 4 persons.

Visit the "Navel of the Εarth"

Delphi is a must visit for anyone who visits Greece. If you happen to be here during winter, you need to know that next to Delphi, is the traditional village of Arachova, and Parnassos one of the best ski resorts in Greece.

Descending from mount Parnassos, you can return from another route and make a stop at a traditional lamb meat tavern in Livadia.

We will pick you up from your location around 09:00 am . It takes 2 hours driving to reach Delphi. The driver can adjust to your needs and you can spend as much time as you like on site. We will return by 17:00 at your location.

The price for this tour is for 8 hours . In case you want to extend your stay in any of these stops , an extra charges of 10 euros per extra hour (after the first 8 hours) is applied.

The treasury of Athens

Statue in Delphi

Statue in Delphi

“The centre of Earth”

Arachova , traditional village next to Delphi

During spring time is beautiful

The remains of the temple

The sanctuary of Athena

Delphi Theatre

Delphi Theatre

The Osios Loukas Monastery

Having lunch at Livadia

Do it yourself

Terminal bus station at Liossion

1) You can take the public bus for 32€ per person (both ways) . It takes about 3 hours to reach Delphi, plus the time that you need to reach the bus terminal.

More info at http://www.ktel-fokidas.gr/en/delphi

2)You can book a seat to a touristic bus and get a group guide. Prices are starting  from 90€ per person.

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