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Sounio Poseidon temple and view

WHO: Everyone, Photography lovers
WHY: Great Sunset over the one of the best preserved temples
WALKING PACE: Medium, you have to walk up a small hill

DISTANCE: 130km both ways
DURATION: 3-4 hours
ENTRANCE FEE: 8 € per person
TOUR PRICE (from): 65€ per car

Price includes rental car with driver and waiting time .You do not share the car with others in case your group is less than 4 persons.

World famous ancient temple with a breathtaking view

According to the legend, Cape Sounio is the spot where Aegeus, king of Athens, leapt to his death off the cliff, thus giving his name to the Aegean Sea. The story goes that Aegeus, stood anxiously looking out from Sounion, when he saw a black sail on his son Theseus ship, returning from Crete. This led him to believe that his son had been killed in his fight against the dreaded minotaur, a monster that was half man and half bull.

Probably the most romantic , well preserved ancient temple. If during your stay , there is a full moon , do not miss the chance to visit the Temple of Poseidon , as you will experience at the same time sun setting and full moon rising on the sea level.

The price for this tour is for 3 and half hours . Starting time is depending on the sunset time . During summertime we usually depart from your location at 18:30 and you will return at your location at 22:00. In case you want to extend your stay or have an extra swimming stop , an extra charge of 10 euros per extra hour (after the first 3,5 hours) is applied.

Underwater photo from a beach near Sounio
View from Sounio
Sounio - Poseidon temple

Optional stop for swimming

Available from May through Octomber – Extra cost 10 euros.

If you like, on our way to Cape Sounio, you can enjoy a short swimming break at a great beach!

Do it yourself

Alternatively you can book a seat on any third organized tour from 44€ per person, or take the local bus  that takes approximately 2 hours for 13€ per person. There is one orange bus every 2 hours, starting from 06:30.

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